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The majority of pizzas you eat are in the ‘Neapolitan’ style with thin, chewy, bubbled dough. But some 120 miles north of Naples, another style of pizza dominates – Pizza Romana.

Pizza Romana is made using a completely different technique, resulting in a very different-looking and tasting pizza. It’s thinner, crispier and has a smaller crust — our dough is double fermented following our own preferred method. Come and taste authentic Romana Pizza at West Pier Pizzeria – you won’t be disappointed !

Luca – Manager

Luca (Manager)

Born and bred in the heart of Tuscany, near Florence, Luca learned to appreciate the taste of genuine local food from his relatives, many of whom were growing herbs, producing olive oil or wine makers.

Francesco (Pizzaiolo)

Since his childhood in Caserta, near Naples, Francesco followed his grandmother’s art of cooking with passion. As a teenager he worked in many restaurants in the region picking up the secrets of pizza dough baking and making pizzas in the Neapolitan region where most believe the pizza was born.

Francesco - Pizzaiolo
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West Pier Pizzeria is currently in ‘hibernation’ and will reopen in the Spring of 2019.

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